Part 1

I've been home for a few days now and I've attempted to post here a couple times.  I've either tried to say too much or not had my images organized enough to pull it off.  So I just thought I'd start, put up a few images, get back in the groove and go from there.  

Michael Kline and I had a great time out doing our workshops and traveling.  Our first stop was in Fredericksburg, Va.  Dan Finnegan organized for us to be at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.  Dan is an amazing man and I enjoyed hanging out with him for a few days.

Dan's studio and kiln is located on a large farm just outside of Fredericksburg.  The family who owns the land have been friends with Dan since he moved there many years ago.  It is a beautiful place.

Dan's getting ready for his next wood firing. He had a good start on the pots.

This is the farm house we stayed in during our visit.  It was wonderful to be out in country.  We sat out on the porch quite a bit.

Here I am showing off my socks to Jason and Emily.  Emily is an appreciator of fine socks too. (Jason just thinks we are looney).

We had a delicious supper of pizzas and salad, along with some local beers before the demos began at LibertyTown.

Here is Michael explaining his process as he decorates one of Dan's pots.

Trista Chapman is a local potter from Fredericksburg.  She joined us in the demo and showed how she applies colorful underglazes to her work.  It was fun for me to see her do this as I have an adversion to color.  Trista has sort of a formula she follows and it works very well for her pots.

And here I am giving my spiel on how I do things.

I really loved Fredericksburg, Va and I want to go back sometime just to visit and hangout.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and who bought our work.  LibertyTown is a wonderful facility.  I don't know how many artists are working there, maybe 50?, but they are certainly lucky to have such a wonderful place to work and sell from.

It was sad to leave but we had to push on to Cape Cod.  I'll post about that later.  I'll also be putting up more photos, probably on my Flickr page over the weekend.  I'll put that link up as soon as I get it done.

Stay tuned for more.