A Visit and Workshop on the Cape

Michael and I left Fredericksburg, Va. to head up to Cape Cod on Thursday, March 15th.  It was supposed to be a 10 hour drive but we lolly gagged along and made it in closer to 12.  Michael did most of the driving through the heavily congested areas around NYC.  We did well on the journey, stopping for food and coffee and a bit of site seeing.  I was introduced to Michael's affection for hip hop music, he knows all the lyrics to the Kenye West song, So Appalled.  (Next time you see him be sure to ask).

Here is our wonderful host, Gail Turner.  She organized the workshop for us and welcomed us into her home for our stay at the Cape.


Gail owns Mill Stone Pottery and has a studio at her home and this retail shop that is in town.  She make lovely functional and decorative pottery for the kitchen and home.

We had Friday for some driving around the area where Gail lives.  We visited some potters (more on that later) and also the beach.


The workshop ran Saturday and Sunday.  We had a great group of folks, many from the Cape Cod Potters Guild, some high school students, as well as seasoned potters and serious amateurs.  We enjoyed a fun pot luck dinner back at Gail and her husband Peter's home on Saturday night.

(All images are clickable.  Photos by me, Kline and Hollis Engley)

Michael measuring to cap a large jar.

Pulling a handle.

Workshop participants.

Michael and Hollis enjoying a drink.


Stuffed quahogs.  Yum, I had never had these before.  We had great food the whole time we were there.


A selection of dishes and bowls at Gail's house.


The mill near the herring run that is just down the road from where Gail lives.


I once caught a fish and it was this big.


MK and a jar.


Action shot.


A display of my work.  Kim sporting her Ronwear in pink.


Well that's quite a lot for now.  Have a good Monday everyone.