Enough is Enough

I've been working for the past 3 days or so decorating pots so that I can fire before I leave to go to Libertytown and Cape Cod.  I had planned on finished up last night and having the bisque fired by now.  But I ran late and I said: Well I can deco a few more pots tomorrow and have a fuller load.  So I worked all day and now I have stopped.  Really, I stopped 2 hours ago, but then I went back in there and said: Oh, I can do those 3 bowls.  So I did.  And two small jars and a teapot.  Then I stopped again, put them in the kiln with the others, programmed the firing, turned out the lights and left.

Enough is Enough.

I know that I always try to have as many pots as possible for a show.  Most of my potter friends suffer from this insane idea that we must make at least 3-5 times as much work as we'll actually need for any given event.  I guess it's good to be prepared, just in case someone walks in with their suitcase full of money and I have a $10,000 show.  Holy fishsticks, that will be the day!

It's insanity no doubt, to make and make and make like this.  My brain says:  Hey, someone may want a cup with a dog on it so you better do one.  Or:  What if I run out of bowls?  Or:  I may need to make some extra jars just in case the firing goes bad.  

What the hell is the matter with me!? Ha!!!  I am planning for the pottery apocalypse!

Well, I'll have more than enough pots to choose from to take to the workshops.  Hopefully I'll sell a few of them and what's left over will go in the showroom and on Etsy.  I may even have a head start on my next show.  Nope, I'm pretty sure I need to make some tankards for it....and some salt and pepper shakers.... and some butter dishes...and....