Pugging Again

My new pugmill bearings arrived yesterday and I was happy to get the mill back up and running.  I rely on this machine so much.  I have found over the years that soft clay helps me achieve the look and feel of the pots I want.  I use to mix my own clay and could control the water content and softness.   Now I buy clay from a supplier and it's always too stiff for me to use.  When I get ready to make pots I slice the block of clay into chunks and put that in a bucket of water.  I then feed that clay into the pugmill.  The extra water gets incorporate into the clay and I'm a happy potter.

Using soft clay was a big breakthrough for me early on.  It really helps in centering and not struggling as you move the clay.   Of course there are times when stiffer clay is beneficial.  You'll figure this out, but if you are struggling try softening your clay up and see if it helps.  

Hey, did you read the comments on the video post??  T Moss wrote me a poem.  Go check it out.  I'm going to post it up later but you can read it now and maybe make a comment if you want.  It certainly got me thinking.  (Thinking = Good)