I'm gonna post the poem that T Moss left in my comments.  You all have a read and comment if you like.  What happened first for me when I read this was I wanted to know who T Moss was!  I went on a search, doing my Sherlock thing.  I have an email from the post, which gives a clue. And also the name, T Moss, but really I couldn't turn up anything that was definite.  Curious.  I have a lead that he/she is in Illinois.  But that could be wrong. Maybe it's some cool, hip, poet from Chicago who's been reading my blog for years.  At first I thought it was a man, but then changed my mind and decided the writer was female.  I'm not sure what made me feel that way.  Maybe it just makes be feel better to think it is.  I also felt threatened at first by the poem.  Then a bit honored that I got all those words.  Cool.  And it's not entirely untrue.  So, I didn't get mad or anything, just curious.  Curious about T Moss and about my FB use.

T Moss does not like FB.  The poem got me to thinking about FB and how much time I use up on there.  It really is wasteful and pointless.  Think of all the time I could have been writing thoughtful, fun, blog posts instead of reading one liners about someone's day at their kids stupid soccer game, or the weather, or what they had for dinner.  (Oh wait I'm one of those that puts up pictures of my food all the time! Damn!)  (It's because it's on pottery, so that's justified as 'business' and therefore valid) (HA!).  Well, I'm still gonna use FB to promote my business.  I'll just not be one of those zombies anymore.  No more scrolling the Newsfeed.  (Damn, I see in my Tab that I have 2 new notifications.  Resist Philbeck.  Resist.)  (I closed it)  (I AM in control).

Okay.  So what else.  ????   fingers tapping.  Nothing right now.  Here's the poem:

Ron Philbeck’s in a pickle, 
That much you can see
If you’ve seen his blog lately,
It’s not what it used to be
The inner workings absent,
The thinkings deep and wide
Ron no more wants to show
The Ron that is inside
He tries to blame the fad,
He tries to blame the trend
For bringing a once thoughtful blog
To a feeble, shuddering end
“It’s all the rage, it’s really cool!”
Beams Ron about a social tool
“It’s so easy, and so fast,
I can post my trivial thoughts at last!
Without effort, without strain,
I can use the tool to clean my brain
Of all the ‘likes’ and ‘LOLs and ‘WTF’,
I’m glad the tool exists, what luck!
Others will clamour to read my fluff,
I don’t even have to get off my duff
To make another documentary vid,
As I further into laziness slid
The flick shows all just what I did,
But thinking, feeling will be hid
Others may hustle, others may bustle,
But I don’t have to move a muscle”
Yes, others may toil for hours endless,
Yet their blogs will not become friendless,
They work and strive, and yet they write
They don’t go gentle into any night
But it’s all too much, too much for Ron,
Who states he must be moving on
To fast results, with minimal work,
You must agree, or you’re a jerk
So farewll Ron, will you be missed?,
If we say “No” will you get…upset?
We’ll never know, we’ll never see,
Cause thinkers, on Facebook, will not be.