Looking Back

Hey,  I looked back to my blog entry from July 11, 2006 just out of curiousity.  It was neat to see what I was thinking about then and how I had mentioned switching to earthenware and drawing on pots.  Hey!! I'm doing that now! Totally cool.  And also new slab vases are mentioned which I made recently.  

Anyhow you can read it below.  It's a good post even now.  Okay, well that's it for the moment.  I'm off to unload the kiln so I'll post up some new images later.



I'm always looking at my work and wanting it to be better. I often want it to be entirely different than it is. I have had thoughts of switching to earthernware, or doing more color, or drawing on the pots. When I have tried some of these things I am usually not happy and I go back to making the pots I know how to make. Salt/soda fired, loose, minimal decoration, good handles and feet. These are good pots. I think the longing for new ideas or forms or whatever is healthy in that it allows the pots to grow. Although it is slow. I admit that I have a problem of comparing my work to other's work, usually potters who are well established and have been in the field for 30+ yrs. It's no good to do this, it just frustrates me. I have to allow myself to see my work where it is right now and let it grow. I do give myself problems to solve, like right now for instance I'm working on a new baker shape, thinking about new slab vases, and a way to make a large, slab, rectangular dish. Also I need to find a teapot shape I like to make. Yesterday while trying to solve some of these problems I made pots and threw most of them back in the clay bin. I was frustrated that I had nothing to show for my efforts, nothing physical anyhow. But I did learn some things. Maybe today I'll put some of that into some keepers. 
It seems most of my struggles, pottery or otherwise, are the same things over and over. How to learn to get out of this pattern is something I'm trying to look at. Breaking out of my conditioned thinking and living in the present would be helpful. I am still drawing and finding that that practice helps me to tune in and be in the moment. I am also noticing that I am beginning to look at things differently and really 'see' them. 
I need to buy a new camera, anyone have any suggestions?
Have a great day.