Wednesday Update

I was up fairly early today and jumped right in to getting four new pots in the Etsy Shop.  

Wow. I really like Etsy.  I feel like it's my own little shop (well it is) and that it's open 24 hours all around te world.

Here are a couple of the new pots in the shop.

Bird Mug $40

Laundry Line Plate $42


I got a couple boards of cups decorated yesterday.  It seemed like it was taking longer and I realized it was because I was putting two images on most of the cups!!  So this next batch of cups are going to be pretty special with the extra decoration on them.


I was so excited about my new idea for the house imagery that I did this dish first.  I think it will look amazing once it's fired.


Well, it's off to work for the day.  Have a great Wednesday everyone!