Monday Showers

I took 3 showers today!  That's more than usually happens all week!  

Karma had a skunk trapped under the gas kiln in the shed first thing this morning.  It had sprayed all over the place but hadn't hit Karma directly, thank goodness.  I used the water hose with some high pressure riot control techniques to 'flush' it out.  It was not a happy skunk and it looked like a drenched sewer rat as I directed it to the woods.  I smelled pretty bad from being around all the skunk spray in the shed  = shower #1.

After that I needed to get started glazing a load of pots.  I had forgotten I had used ever drop of glaze in the bucket for the last firing.  So I mixed up two five gallon buckets of glaze so that I would have plenty and some as a backup.  I admit that I am a very messy glaze mixer.  I ended up with glaze all down my leg and on my shoes and on the floor.  I felt too disgusting to start on the pots so I had shower #2.

Then I mowed the yard and glazed a kiln load of pots.  By that time it was 4:30pm and I needed to get ready to go out to dinner with Sarah and her parents for Sarah's birthday.  Shower #3.

I am one clean dude!

Cups ready to be glazed.


Goat plate with glaze drying.

Sarah's mom made her this beautiful and delicious fruit pizza for her birthday.