I had a couple orders on Monday so I got them packed up and took them to the Post Office yesterday.  

I ordered a new sketchbook from Cheap Joes on August 6th.  It still hasn't arrived.  I called to check on my order and the lady said that I chose "XYZ" for my shipping (whatever the least expensive was) and that my package could take 8-14 days to arrive even in NC.  (Cheap Joes is based in Boone NC, less than 100 miles from my house).  Yuck.  Maybe it will come today.

The same day I ordered my sketchbook I also ordered a new fountain pen from Jetpen and a bottle of ink from Amazon. Both those orders arrived within a few days.  And I chose the cheapest shipping on both those orders too.  It was nice to get my pen and ink but I'd love to have my new sketchbook so I could do some drawings!!!  (Waving hands furiously like Lewis Black)

Okay.  So I need some rare earth magnets for this project I'm doing.  I go online and look through several sites and find them and at a good price.  I can get 14, one inch diameter magnets for $11 and change.  Great.  Add to cart.  Click checkout.  Oh look, a 5 dollar handling fee will be added to orders that are less than $100.  Okay.  Click.  Calcluate shipping cost.  (Let's note that this order weights less than 4 oz)  Shipping cost......... 12 freaking dollars (hands waving again)  So they are going to charge me $17 to send a puny package containing magnets that cost me $11!!!  Insane.  Insane.  I know for a fact that they can put them in a flat rate package and send them from anywhere in the US for less than $5.  CRACKERS! (that's not the word I used).  Cancel order...CLICK.

So the point is that I try to treat my customers well.  I ship their packages out as soon as I can.  I pack the pots well and I don't overcharge them.  I like to save money and I like to get things in a reasonable amount of time and I imagine that other people do too.  Who wants to be guessing when their package is going to arrive?  Or have to call to see if it is on the way?  Not me.  And I don't want my customers to either.

Last night I got an order for a mug though my Etsy site.  It will be packed up and ready for the postman to pick up this afternoon.