Yay. New Sketchbook

Larry the Mail Carrier brought me my new sketch book today and picked up a box containing a mug on it's way to Kansas!  

Larry is a first rate dude.  He totally takes care of me and all my packages.  Karma loves to bark at his car. Larry always blows his horn all the way down the drive to announce his arrival, and to rile Karma up.

My new book is 9 x 12.  Bigger than usual for me.  I mostly use the size there on the left. (That's the outgoing sketchbook).  New Lamy fountain pen too, I'm really enjoying it.  I've never had a fountain pen before.  Well I did have one but I hated it so it doesn't really count.

This shelf holds some of my books from the past few years.  

Guess I'd better go draw something.  See ya.