michael kline

Kline and Philbeck Workshop. Cape Cod.

I wanted to mention that Michael Kline and I are giving a two day workshop on Cape Cod, Mass. in March.  We are really looking forward to teaming up for this workshop.  We both have a great deal to offer and I think we are going to have a great time.  (Michael has suggested sawing me in half as the big finale but we haven't worked out the all important details on that yet) (Like making sure I get put back together).

For information you can visit the Cape Cod Potters site HERE or go directly to the Registration Form HERE.  The dates are March 17th and 18th, 2012.

We are also planning a stop and hopefully impromptu gathering at Liberty Town in  Fredericksburg, VA. on the way up to the Cape.  We have not finalized the date and time yet but will keep you posted.


We hope to see you in March.

Saturday's Meetup with MK and KC

Well, I had a great time getting together with Michael and Kyle.  I really need more 'man time'.  I very seldom get to hang out with the guys and after Saturday I told Sarah how much I need to work on my social activities and need some male friends that I can see more often.

We talked a lot about Etsy and how we wanted to increase our exposure and sales this year.  We all brought our iPads so we geeked out and shared apps and Kyle schooled Michael and me on some tricks and shortcuts.  We discussed pricing, shipping, galleries, special events, tee shirts, photographing our work and I can't remember what else at the moment.  A good day for sure.  I know that I had more to say than we had time for plus the fact that I'm so socially isolated that I was bit giddy with just being around these guys.

This sausage and onion pizza plus a few beers kept us sustained though our discussions.

Kyle worked on few pots that needed attention.

The ever relaxed Michael Kline

It was really good to talk about some ideas that I have been knocking around and Michael and Kyle both had things they shared too.  So look for some exciting things from us soon. (Well maybe, or we may be so subtle and sly that you hardly even notice that something is happening). Ha.

Today I worked on a wholesale order and experimented on some jar shapes (which got trashed at the end of the day)  Here's most of the day's output.

I also got this Flower and Vine Platter listed in my Shop.


Weeks End

It's been a good week.  I made as many pots as I could with what remaining clay I had in the studio.  I sold some stuff on Etsy and the weather has been sunny and beautiful during the day.

I got invited to an exhibition in Chicago and a new gallery called in a wholesale order today!  Yay.

Tomorrow is the icing on the cake b/c I'm heading up to beautiful Asheville, NC to have a visit with my clay pals, Michael Kline and Kyle Carpenter.  We are going to discuss a strategy for setting up a super NC Clay Empire.  Ha. Well not really.  We are going to talk pots though, and have fun.  I'm also picking up 1000 lbs of clay while there.

KC close up

MK Detail

RP up close

Come back Sunday or Monday to see what goes on.


More From the Penland Weekend

Here are a few more pics from my trip up to Penland.

Above: Looking at pots in Micheal Kline's yard.  MK had put the pots out for his studio sale a few weeks ago. Since then the grass has grown so it was a bit like searching for four leaf clovers.

Soda fired porcelain at Gay Smith's pottery.

A tall vase at Stan Anderson's studio.

Michael Hunt (in red) talking to students in front of the showroom.

Recent pots from the Hunt/Dalgish kiln.


Pots from Shawn Ireland's latest wood firing.

More of Shawn's pottery.  Shawn will be having a Home Sale this Friday, Sat, and Sun during the Trac Studio tour.

Announcement Friday

I've sort of fallen behind on announcing some things here, so I'm gonna try and catch up all at once.

My Fall Home Sale is Sept. 18th from 10 am till 4 pm here at the Pottery.  To receive a notice be sure to sign up for my mailing list over in the right side bar.  I'm going to have lots of new work including the money boxes and tall footed bowls.  All first quality work will be 15% off that day only at the studio.

If you haven't heard, my pal Michael Kline is having an online sale today! Click HERE for more and get over there and buy some pots!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my contest for the pottery group name.  We are now officially know as Thrown Together and will be having our Fall Sale on Oct. 2, 2010 at Amy Sander's home in Charlotte, NC.  More details to follow but put it on your calendars now.  Hopefully we'll have a blogspot and FB page soon.  Our guests this fall will be Kyle Carpenter and Allison McGowan.

Ayumi Horie is still taking votes for your favorite pot in action photo over at her website.  To see the images click HERE and you could help me win by voting for my photo!!! (see image below, vote for me!!!)

The opening reception for the  exhibition From Within to the Surface is Sept. 7th at the Randolph Arts Guild in Asheboro, NC from 5:30 till 7:30. I will be there so please come out if you are in the area.

And don't forget The Clay and Blogs Online Gallery is up and running.  Click the image below to check it out.  I have a Chicken Money Box for sale.  You could be the first to have one!!!

Okay that's all I can think of for now.  Thanks for checking in and remember to sign up for my mailing list over in the right side bar and also go and vote for my Pot in Action HERE!!!

What a Great Day.

This morning I drove up to Penland after having made plans earlier in the week to meet up with San Francisco ceramic artist Diana Fayt.  Diana is spending a few days in NC between teaching workshops at Mudfire Studios in Georgia.

(Ron, Diana, Michael, and Lillian)

I've known Diana via the internet for a few years and I was delighted to get to sit down with her today and chat about pots and all sort of other things.  Michael Kline was there for the day too and we three knocked around Penland School for several hours, having lunch and visiting the Gallery during a super heavy downpour.

Diana makes amazing work and I've always been in awe of her etchings on her pots.  Of course with Michael and I both around we had to talk about blogging and selling online and all that techie stuff.  Diana busted out her i-Phone a few times to show us some cool photo apps and to record the rain falling.

We headed over to Crimson Laurel around 5pm to look at all the amazing pots in the gallery there.  I then had to head back down the mountain in time to cook dinner and get some pots glazed and into the kiln.

A bit more on all this tomorrow.  Now it's time for me to hit the sack.

Saturday Outting

I drove up to the Penland/Bakersville area Saturday to deliver pots to Crimson Laurel Gallery.  If you've never been to Crimson Laurel I highly recommend it.  They are easily one of the finest ceramic galleries on the east coast.

I left them with over 40 pots so they are well stocked with my new work.  I got a message from one of the owners at the end of the day saying that they sold 6 of the new pots after they were put out.  Awesome!!

After dropping off pots, I headed over the Sawdust and Dirt headquarters to have a visit with Michael Kline.  It's always good hanging with Michael.  We talked about blogging and the internet (of course) as well as marketing, how to get folks out to our pottery shops, the beauty of iron rich glazes, and cup shapes.  (Just to name a few things).  We also invented a new device that will come in handy for millions, just as soon as we work out the kinks and get the patent.

Michael's daughters, Lillian and Evelyn, joined us in the studio too.  Michael received this tee shirt from Simon Levin in the mail.  Evelyn modeled it for us.

We had a great lunch that Stacey and the girls made for us out on the picnic table.  Of course we were surrounded by fine pots.

After lunch Michael introduced me to the new chickens and we talked more about ...you guessed it, pots and the internet and selling and just all that great stuff.

It was great to have some time with MK and his family.  I left with plenty to think about as I made my way on the winding mountain roads over to Bandana Pottery.

(Check back later for my post on the Bandana Pottery Sale and my visit there)

Michael Kline and Brad Lail stop by



I had a visit from Michael Kline yesterday.  We had a good chat and were later joined by our friend Brad Lail.  It was nice to hang out with these guys for the afternoon, we drank oolong, talked pots, and enjoyed some ginger cookies that Michael had brought from the Penland coffee house.  Of course we all had our cameras on hand as you can see from the pics below.

I hope you enjoyed the videos.  I don't have any production skills so you pretty much get whatever I shoot.  Maybe later I can learn to edit them a bit.  Thanks for stopping by.

(For a fun drinking game watch that second video again and take a shot every time I say the word 'combing ' .  Ha. I'm such a dork sometimes)